Good bye to one of our favorite actors.
Tim, maybe we'll see you on Guiding Light with Kevin.

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Who Fed it Who Ate it

Although not many men of Pine Valley are feeding and not many women are eating this is where the battle lines are drawn.

Dr. Hayward and Vanessa ... Now we know where he got his good hair and BAD INTENTIONS. Did he? or didn't he? Only his hairdresser knows for sure.

Janet ... Hook Erica up with a good plastic surgeon.

Jake and Colby ... Too bad Allie's not here for the big "I told you so."

Trevor ... Don't you have some place you need to be?

Ryan ... Hey, where's your lawyer?

Erica and all the men in town ... Even with a scarred face you have all the men in town running around after you.

Liza and Adam and Dixie and Stuart and Marion...Chandler mansion is getting as homey as Wildwind.

Raquel from Max... Mommy, must you fumble, mumble and bungle your lines? Mommy,would you like to go to acting classes with me? Mommy. must I keep saying Mommy?

The Wildwind Bunch... Is Edmund trying to put Myrtle out of business.

Jake and no one ... That probably is best considering his history. All his exes live in OakHaven.

Dr. Hayward and Gillian...Which proves my point that Dr. Hayward is evil for the fun of it.

Gillian and Ryan...Way too go Gill, I guess your rates have gone up since you first appeared in PV.(from $50 to $50,000)

Finally ...The Knight(Michael E)and the Sword(Adrian)... Ok Opal, I get that Adam has children he doesn't know about. But... Does Mrs. Sword know she's not the mother?

The Brooke, the Bad, and the Ugly

This section is devoted to the good and bad that happen to Brooke English.

Has anything good or bad happened to Brooke since her aquittal?

Good thing-Brooke was aquitted of murder. / Bad thing- Now she has to have Jaime full time.
Good thing- Brooke rid Pine Valley of the evil JT./ Bad thing - she could not rid the world of the evil Dr. Hayward.
Good thing-Brooke cares so much about her children that she would skip town for them./ Bad thing- Her children are not usually in town.
Good thing -brooke is on the prowl./Better thing- Erica is on the prowl.
Good thing-It looks as if Brooke will not go to jail./ Bad thing-We haven't seen much of Brooke since the anti-climax.
Good thing- Brooke is back from the last 2years of insanity./ better thing- So is Erica.

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